By springlilly


The plan was to go bird watching to Inch (Co Donegal) today, so to get Bubbles a walk before the journey I headed to Mountcharles Beach just as dawn was breaking, it was a very high tide so not much beach at all, walking was difficult & boy did it rain. In fact the rain on my face felt like needles, luckily I got a message to say the outing was cancelled, just as well as both Bubbles & I were drenched. Headed Back to Dunkineely & got dried out.
I noticed 6 male Bullfinch, although they were in trees that meant getting a clear shot of then was impossible. Michael saw the red squirrel on one of his bird feeders, but it disappeared before I got to see it. Hopefully it will be back & I get to see it.
I went across the road to feed apples to the 2 bedraggled ponies, they were grateful. I noticed a tick on the ear of the larger one, so went & got a tick remover gadget & eventually got it off, but I must say holding the pony along a barbed wire fence wasn’t the easiest manoeuvre.
Then we went for a short walk to the beach along St John’s Point, the sun came out briefly, see Bubbles in the extra, she of course had a swim.

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