Was It Really So Long Ago

By LincolnGreen

26/365: The Crossness Engines

Today, we enjoyed an exclusive visit to the Crossness Pumping Station thanks to Mike for showing us around to the benefit of Blip and in particular, Miss I's high school art project. You can see my accomplices in the extra shots.

Built by Sir Joseph Bazalgette for London’s sewage system and opened in 1865, the main (steam) engine house has been closed since 2017 due to the presence of asbestos. The trust is aiming to reopen with the restored engine Price Consort for a family day on 31st March, now that the offending materials have been professionally removed at V A S T expense.

Given that this is a Victorian sewage pumping station, I find 2 aspects particularly surprising:

1. The attention to detail and obvious expense of the cast iron work and stone work of the building

2. There is no odour!  

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