Ball Practice

The joy of Saturday morning persists, even for the retired gentleman. The best of the opinion pieces to be digested and ruminated upon. And then there are the unexpected pieces that just delight - Ian Jack often looks like he’s tackling a subject of no great personal interest but then you find the universal and from that, something that speaks to you directly. The poor old SK must find me insufferable at times (ha!) as I share my latest epiphanyette.
So, come 2pm, bundled off to football and the team play well - I think they may have suffered a Levein rocket after Wednesday’s performance. Either that or it was Naismith being back. Let’s look at those stats again - season 2018/19 with Naismith: won 18, drawn 1, lost 2. Without Naismith: won 1, drawn 2, lost 7.....

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