... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

WWT London: Rained-on, Rimlit, and Layered Lowers

Closer friends in large.
Flapping black spur-winged goose (4/6)
Black spur-winged goose pacing away (1/2)
Enthusiastic emperor

This was just after the sun broke through as the rain petered out...
There was a brutally frigid wind, and we experienced spells of drizzle, rain, hail, and (eventually) a spell of stunning sunshine, not to mention the positive glow of the emperor geese and radiated angst of the nēnēs...

My 70-200 is receiving some TLC at Fixation so I went with the macro lens mounted, which was a good excuse to get close to the emperors and nēnēs... The solitary nēnē had escaped its enclosure and was mooching peacefully with the emperor geese, so there was quite a chatter of gentle bleating and lowing noises.
I also photographed a black spur-winged goose washing, flapping (inc. a series), and preening; they're shy, and usually stay far from the path.

Others here (or right from Emperors emerging)

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