By trisharooni

What's in a Name - Origins

I started blipping in 2010.
I was prompted to start after reading an article about a blipper who was leading a very ordinary life, on Australia's Gold Coast as I remember, when  tragedy struck her family.
The story was very sad  but she continued blipping and her story had a big impact on many people.
I was very moved, but at the same time I could immediately see the benefits of recording your life on Blip, sharing the mundane, the exciting and even the tragedies.
I have never been able to find her journal, and assume she stopped blipping years ago.

Although I have huge gaps, I'm happy I continued blipping, though there have been many occasions when I've felt like stopping.
The longer I blip, the more I value it and I'm hoping to blip daily from now on.

As far as my name goes, my son suggested I become a 'rooni' when I got my first email address, a long time ago, as he thought there was less chance I'd be spammed if I had a stupid name, and it's just stuck.
I've often thought I should change it, but I think it's too late:)

And today's blip is the  beginning of a fern frond.

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