By Majoayee

Practice makes perfect? (Or not)

This week for Mono Monday we are challenged to explain our Blipfoto names. Mine is Majoayee. It came about from the first two letters of my Christian names, then the last three of my maiden name and finally an extra ‘e’ that just appeared! ( I’ve never been good at spelling!).

Thank you Jensphotos for this interesting challenge: Origin (what’s in a name)

I’ve had another go at trying a version of the Sabatier effect. This time using a ‘u’ shaped curve in curves in Photoshop. Then a vignette to bring it together.

Skeena is doing a Monomonth Challenge in February ‘mmc19’ tag. I’m joining in, at least most days!! Maybe all!

Came across this Ted Talk which is a delight as well as a bit sad:
(The very end of the video seems to be missing.)

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