Art Quilter Pictures

By friedaquilter

Collage no. 5

Here is collage no. 5 for my #52collages2019. One thing that I'm noticing more and more is that what these weekly, daily or monthly projects tend to do is make it feel that time does indeed fly. This morning for the first time the dog walk took place when the sun was already fully above the horizon and the darkest days are behind us. It helped that it was a cloudless, frosty day but still, it makes such a difference to have the light return.

As I've mentioned on previous posts I'm  making a weekly collage this year in an 5 x 8" Moleskine journal, using just images from a wide variety of magazines and my trusty UHU glue stick. This one is dedicated to the artist Frida Kahlo, not exactly a stranger in my art. I love both her work and the way she lived her life with great courage and perseverance.

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