Origins - What's In A Name

Jensphotos has set as today's Mono Monday theme - Origins.  She thought perhaps we could look at our Blipfoto user name, how it came about and why.  
craftylady explains itself really, I can't remember a time when I wasn't interested in crafts of all kinds. Starting with making clothes for my dolls, moving on years later to making clothes for my children.  Then our granddaughter was born prematurely and so tiny.  In those days you could not buy anything to fit such a tiny baby, so the knitting needles and sewing machine worked overtime,  using patterns for dolls to give her some clothes to start off with.  Now they manufacture beautiful outfits for prem babies.  As time went on I became more interested in crafts for their own sake, rather than out of necessity.
When fellow blipper, kwdiane introduced me to Blipfoto and encouraged me  to join, she explained that I would need a user name.  She came up with craftylady, so here I am  Today's blip is a selection of craft projects I have done laid out on a quilt that I made for our bed many years ago. I have included the coloured version in extras. Having seen some of the wonderful art work displayed on Blipfoto, my one regret is that I have never mastered the art of drawing.and painting, colouring in I can do till the cows come home, but give me a blank sheet of paper and my mind goes as blank as the page.

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