Carolina's journal

By Carolina

MM262. Origins

My Blip name is Carolina as you know. You may not know that my name is tied to my favorite Grandfather - here- Roy Leonard Lane.  He used to call me his Carolina in the morning.  It gives me a nice link to my wonderful Grandpa.  There is also a song -  Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina in the morning....
  The picture consists of my oldest daughter Jen as a baby, myself, Grandpa and my mother.  I believe this is The Only picture of the four of us.
    The Lanes came to the US from England and settled in Virginia and Missouri then by wagon train to California.
    Hope you enjoyed my history!!  Happy Monday!!
  I forgot to tell you all that I started Blip when Jen told me about it and said i just had to check it out and helped me get started.  She was my first friend!   I do hope she will take it up once again. 

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