By dreaming


This lady with an umbrella was a gift to me from my sister when I first moved to Seattle 33 years ago.  She is made of stiffly-coated fabric to hang in a room, twirling in the breeze.  She made me happy and reflected the hopefulness I brought with me from Chicago.

I have always been a dreamer, even though I've never been able to make a dream come true, so when I needed a blip name, Dreaming came easily to mind.  I was introduced to Blipfoto by my sister, Endless Weekend, and our friend Cynthia, Connections.  I saw what pleasure it gave them and I was at a point of needing a creative outlet, having failed to make a go of a hand-made calendar business (I am not at all entrepreneurial, I discovered).  Since I worked up the nerve to join Blip, I've found it a wonderful outlet for expression and a connection to a lovely community for one who is a bit of a recluse.  I can't imagine my life without Blip now, although a chronic illness often makes it difficult for me to keep up with comments.  I was never a photographer before Blip, and I've really enjoyed developing skills and learning what my eye is drawn to.

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