Dawn's Journal

By DawnP

Rainbow Owl

We have recently formed an informal photo club at work, and yesterday a small group of us got together to discuss what we would like to do, review some shots taken around the office site and have a good old photography inspired chinwag.  We decide to set ourselves a  theme for the next review (Entries, Exits and Openings) plus a "Show and tell" on Photoelasticity or Cross Polarisation.

Co-incidently, a link to the technique appeared in my in-box today, so I thought I'd get some practise in, and had a play.

The main image reminded me of an Owl, but can you guess what the object was?  The extra was just a simple initial setup with a yohurt pot and pens.

Basic Kit:
Camera with polariser
Clear hard-plastic objects , e.g. boxes, cutlery and anything else handy

Computer monitor -  a laptop or tablet screen also works.

Technique used (other methods available!):
1. Saved a new blank jpg image from Photoshop, the same size as my monitor, with grey background.
2. Opened image in browser (I use Firefox) and set to full screen (F11)
3. Positioned objects in front of monitor

4. Adjusted polariser to get required effect to taste and take shot
5. Crop and other minor adjustments in Lightroom

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