Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Lioness Sunrise

It's our last sunrise game reserve drive at Nambiti (South Africa) and it was the best one; the sunrise was superb and we saw loads of wildlife including the herd of elephants that have been eluding us for the past four days (see extra).

The photo I like best is of the lioness infornt of a typical african Umbrella tree so common on the plains which had a bird on one of the branches. The background being a lovely red sunrise.

After breakfast we drove the couple of hours to Fugitives Guest House at Rorkes Drift where we are stying a couple of nights to take in the Battle fields tours. We did the Rorkes Drift tour this afternoon and it was excellent - Doug who took us is the owner of the Guest House and so passionate on the subject.

There's no wifi in the rooms so I'm off grid until later tomorrow. Thanks for hearts, stars and comments!


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