Panshanger Jewels

I thought the excitement amongst birders about the arrival of waxwings locally might have waned now that that these beautiful birds from Scandinavia have been around for about ten days. A plethora of pics have been posted. I'd hoped to turn up while nobody was around and get a few quick shots in the sunshine. The birds are not shy and it's possible to get quite close without spooking them. I know this from having photographed them in the past and because I read it in the local press this week.

When I arrived at the berry tree in a commercial area on the wrong side of the tracks I was met with an abberation of camera, binocular and 'scope lenses. I didn't even get out of the car. Ollie dog and I went for a lovely walk at Panshanger Park.

We met Qin, who I blipped recently and his nice master again. I was talking to the man about red boots girl, who it turns out he is attracted to, when she appeared. She let her dog Elvis off to play with Ollie and Qin (extras) but unfortunately we think she isn't interested in Qin's dad. :(

As we walked by the river Mimram I spotted this kingfisher in an elder. It wasn't easy to get a shot because of the twigs but it's so lovely to shoot a jewel of a bird like this when out walking with one's dog. I've got shots from hides but the images I've managed when we have been by or in the Mimram, "The Jewel of Hertfordshire Rivers" are so much more special.

I read that if one throws kingfisher feathers into the river then collects the ones that float and uses them to stroke the object of one's desire they will be won over. :) 

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