My middle sister is staying at my mother's house this week. We two and our not-so-little sister plotted a surprise for my mother today. I travelled down to Newcastle by train, my not-so-little sister picked me up in Newcastle, then the pair of us lurked in an antique shop in Hexham until our middle sister brought my mother in on the false pretence of purchasing a salad bowl. My mother was very surprised when two of her three daughters suddenly emerged from behind the shelving!

What my sisters didn't appreciate was that I had arranged a surprise for them: our Auntie Sheila called in to the restaurant that I booked for lunch just as we were having pudding/coffee!

The aconites that I have blipped are growing all around the summer house in my mother's garden. I have also included an extra of the four of us back at the house after our lovely meal at Le Bouchon.

Exercise today: walking (11,237 steps).

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