There have been lots of beautiful colourful frozen bubble shots on blip the last few weeks. Unfortunately this is not one of them. I’ve learnt a few things though.
Firstly the bubbles seem to burst if they land on a hard surface, most of them burst if they land in grass, but one or two will survive . The likelihood of them landing where you want them is zero. You can’t steer them!
They freeze in a few seconds but if you leave it any longer they shatter leaving a crumpled exoskeleton which looks like a broken egg shell. So your opportunity to take the photo is fairly short.
I used a macro lens and manual focus. They looked a bit wishy washy in colour so I tried mono and then the coloured filters of which blue seemed the best.
I also learnt that it is not a good idea to spill most of your bubble liquid on the grass, it’ll probably recover though, and also to spill quite a lot over your camera. It seems ok so far, hope it will be ok.
Then I came in and found my computer has a totally blank screen, so had to use Snapseed for faffing. LooseCanon is on the phone to Apple support at the moment talking what sounds like complete gobbledygook. I’m so glad I got him to speak to them. I’m probably the original person who when asked to press any key asked where the ‘ any ‘ key was.
Oh yes if you try this wear warm clothing and take a waterproof mat to kneel on. My knees are frozen!

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