Baby It's Cold Outside.

A brilliant blue sky and sun.( minus heat ) today. Have much to do tomorrow so made it a Kladow Wednesday. The BVG boat ferry was coming in as I got there.An open upper deck ,clinched it .Extra  1)  ferry arriving  2)  Imchen Island a nature protection zone 2.5 hectares in size. 3) well on the way to Wannsee  4) jetty reflections and gulls at Wannsee, 5) Strandbad Wannsee ( Europe's largest bathing area on an inland body of water )Today nobody was bathing !  I was torn what to do so tossed up and the main won . It isn't mono.Just  getting late & the sun is going down , water is now freezing over and from the look of it so is the lone heron .Normally these barriers are full of such birds .
Bitterly cold I was rescued by a marvellous Italian place who served wonderful Glühwein and Bruschetta ..followed by an on the house schnapps...

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