Spacey Pics

By Stacebob

The Final Day

Although tomorrow I will technically still be employed by Dietetics, and I don't officially start full-time with the charity until Friday, today was my last day actually working in the Dietetics office. It was a super weird day for me; trying to do some work and tie up some loose ends whilst at the same time packing up my desk, sorting out my stuff, training/handing over some tasks to Claire & Lydia, and gradually saying goodbye to folks throughout the day. I've been working in the department for over 9yrs now, with just over 8 of them for the Specialist Weight Management Service, so it's a pretty big chunk of my life right there! I got a bit emotional as I was leaving the office; whilst I know the move to the charity is absolutely the right thing for me, there's a lot of people in that office that I will very much miss. I sincerely hope we don't fall out of touch. I got emotional again on the bus, and once more at home reading my card, because I am a big girls' blouse! 

The one good thing about today was the awesome gifts I got from my colleagues, they clearly know me very well! I got a Donatello travel mug, a Deadpool notepad (perfect timing because I need a new podcast notebook!), an artist's pad, a selection of black inking pens and a brilliant She-Ra sweater! 

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