Brian's Bits

By Kanyl

This - just because.

OK, it's a bit soon (2-3 days) since my last helebore - BUT - I'm a bit chuffed about it. I have a, seldom used, screw on attachment with both "Wide angle" and Macro facilities, dependent upon how much of its 2 parts is attached.
Using one of my standing criteria is repeatability, and this won't be there next visit.
This was the macro bit and since it was hand held I'm quite chuffed that it came out relatively crisp and the aperture made focus stacking un-necessary; fortunately, being hand held it wasn't an option.
To the few who "voted" I made it this one because I can do the other one tomorrow.
Today's garden centre free coffee was promoted to a night for a few days. The meeting causing it was postponed so we're back to garden; and, as usual, there was a LOT of macroing and flower shooting.

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