By Kipsie

It's all new to me.

The skies might be grey but there is plenty of colour here on the patio where I am house & pet sitting for the next few days. "We're" all snuggled in, Merlin & Alfie Moon on the sofa with me, Freeway up on the bed, not my bed I hasten to add, & Touché resting next to the radiator in the kitchen. Fascinating interior, lots of...... everything. Only a nightmare if you're house proud.
Learnt something new today ICM. Not quite mastered it with my mobile phone, but not able to use my little Panasonic for blips. I switched my laptop on yesterday and all my folders in Photos had disappeared. They are still in Picasa but frightened I'll lose them completely if I press the wrong key. Hopefully retrieve them with help on Monday. Got everything crossed.

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