By TheMapSmith


I am fascinated by how buildings evolve, and the traces these changes leave - tantalisining glimpses into how things used to be. The word 'palimpsest' refers to the practice of scraping the surface off old parchment (which was an expensive and precious substance) to be written on again. Sometimes traces of what was written originally can be seen on the recycled parchment. The word is also used to refer to buildings where, similarly, traces of old roof lines, windows and doorways tell stories of how the building was used and has changed.

This is the end wall of the Bishop's House in Ely, part of the medieval Benedictine monastery next to the Cathedral. The buildings on this site have been in continuous use since the 12th century, with various remodellings. I pass this wall most days on my lunchtime walk into town, and I thought it would make a good blip on this cold January day!

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