By Missycat

AbstractThursday 188 Tulips ICM style

After dropping Violet to her childminder and before setting out for Slimming World, I had a small window of opportunity to play around with Ingeborg's AT them this week of Intentional Camera Movement (ICM).  My time slot was limited but I did have fun trying out different settings.  I didn't get them quite right and had to do some editing to get the colour and depth of shade right.  I was pleased enough with the results (which remind me of Impressionist paintings) to even put up a couple of extras.  The main shot is a vase of tulips, the extras are firstly  Nandina red berries (in a pot outside the kitchen) and secondly a porcelain bowl of fruit.
In other news: here in West Essex, the snow is yet to arrive.  The weather forecast now predicts around 11pm,  but we shall see.

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