Giacometti Staircase

Today we visited a wonderful exhibition on Giacometti (and a few contemporaries) at the Maillol Museum in Paris.The blip shows Giacometti peering down at us from the top of the spiral staircase that leads to the show's entrance. Here's an image I took looking down those stairs exactly six years ago (!) at an exhibition on Canaletto. 

This was our second Giacometti show in nine days, after the one in Bilbao. I enjoyed this one more; it was relatively small (in contrast to the large galleries in Bilbao), and beautifully mounted. The galleries were small, with excellent lighting from the relatively low ceilings. The resulting shadows were lovely, as the extra shows; the "Three Men Walking" were mounted rather low, so I could easily hold my camera over them. Great fun!    Added 13 Feb 2019:  Another blip of the  Three Men, from 2012!

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