David J. Rose

By djrose007

A chilly walk

It has been very chilly today, I think it managed to creep up to around 2 degrees C but just been out in the car and it was registering 1 degree.
Now it's 22:30 and it has started snowing, as forecast, but not very heavy at the moment.
Trouble with dogs like Bichons is that when walking in the snow it gathers around their legs like pom-poms so it's all over the place when you get home!
We'll see what it's like in the morning and decide whether a walk is on or not.

Other acheivements today were the cutting down of a dressing table to retain the 3 drawer unit and dispense with the 'Table' bit of 'Dressing Table'. It only took a couple of hours and, with Marlanes guidance, it was another DIY job well done. 
It means we can fit the cot into the room so that Julia has somewhere for the twins to sleep when she comes to stay with us.

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