Sally Mair - Loving life

By Sallymair

On reflection....

This line of car wing motors caught my eye when I was out walking today. They were all catching the sun and looked the same. At first I wondered if they were a row of identical hire cars parked in a line but realised they were actually all different.
It's been a busy day, good result though when I got an email offering me a flight upgrade to business class for £100 for my second flight on Saturday. That's the overnight leg so that was a definite yes. It will also help to be one of the first off the plane in India to join the long queue at immigration which evisas seem to have caused....or perhaps it will be better this year.
I unexpectedly saw Eilidh at her school on my way home so it was lovely to have a wee chat with her. She'd told the After School Club staff all about her grandma going to India so they were chatting with me too.
I was amazed how much she'd taken in and passed on to them, she's only just 5.
Back home I finally got the packing and hand luggage sorted.
All thoughts of an early night fell by the wayside though.
Step count good today, 20110.
The extra today shows that not only did I manage 100 miles of walking in January, I actually did 125, so I'm very pleased with that. I don't expect to do so much next month though.

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