Tower of London

This is the London I remember, grey all day, rain, a touch of sleet and freezing. Terrible photography conditions.
I was one of the first through the gates of the Tower of London this morning and headed straight for the Crown Jewels.
No queue and I had the room all to myself (apart from the people that work there). It’s hard to take in that they are actually real and it isn’t just costume jewellery.
Then I wandered round for a few hours.
Quite fascinated by the ravens. Legend has it that if they leave the Tower, the kingdom will fall.
One yeoman told us that the person who looks after the ravens throws a particular one a piece of meat with the words, “this is for you” and the bird replies, “ this is for me”. That is freaky.
After visiting the Tower, met up with a cousin and we did a bit of a pub tour (well two). I hadn’t seen her in nearly 40 years but it wasn’t awkward at all. Knackered now.

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