Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Victorian Arcade, Walsall

Formerly known as the Digbeth Arcade but renamed after some major renovation a few years ago.  Researching the history I came across its entry on the Historic England website.  It was built between 1895-7 on the site of a medieval shambles.

I managed a swim this morning but no more pilates at the moment as my hip has started to complain about all of the stretching!  Luckily we saw no snow in this part of the West Midlands (I was quite disappointed in reality, I like to take photos in the snow).  We did get a few flurries but nothing stuck.

I follow a commentator on Nikon and mirrorless cameras called Thom Hogan and bought his latest guide to the Z series cameras this afternoon. I'm now beginning to plough through the 1000+ pages he's written.  As I read the preamble and introduction I get the distinct view that he is impressed with these cameras (and he's a hard person to win over!).

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