Spacey Pics

By Stacebob

First Day

I have had a rather brilliant day today. It started off by discovering that we hadn't had any snow overnight so my journey to work was not the hell I was expecting! My bus was weirdly empty and fast so I had time to get a coffee at Costa (plus a chocolate twist because Friday), which ended up being free due to a till issue. I got to work and shared a screenshot of my Apple Music screen playing First Day by The Futureheads (one of my favourite bands) only for a friend to inform me that they've reformed and have an album and tour happening this year! You'd better believe I snaffled up tickets. Work itself was good; I had a few fairly frustrating tasks to do but it was nice to feel like I had some wiggle room on them now that I'm full-time. Finally, I got home to the Game Grumps releasing some new merch (which I always miss out on because it always sells out immediately) and I managed to get the pins I wanted! Woop!

I was on such a good streak that I decided to have a pop on the Euromillions, which is where my only bit of bad luck for today came in; the jackpot was so high, the website was down right up until the deadline for getting tickets had passed. Ah well!

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