Unusual Instruments

Our last full day of this holiday and we set off after breakfast to find an Indian market - Tekka Market in Little India. This was incredible - a riot of colour and fabrics, clothes, vegetables and fish. We bought a few things to bring home and continued our day.  We mastered the underground system and took a boat tour round the harbour.

Jaded and wilting in the heat, we paused for some lunch in an air conditioned restaurant. Then on to the Gardens by the Bay. Amazing! We went up to the Skywalk which links several of the artificial  tree structures whilst listening to the  Singapore China's Orchestra playing in a performance below us. Once down  on the ground again we wandered a bit more round the garden and then returned to hear the next performance of the orchestra. Incredibly good as it's a professional orchestra but not what we in the west are used to hearing. I had no idea what the instruments were although everything was arranged roughly as a normal, just not what I normally see and hear. Whilst trying to photograph these musicians I was pushing the ISO right up on my camera and very pleased with the results.

A light show on the 'trees' followed the concert - another amazing event - extra . (Sorry Skeena, but these just had to be in colour!) Then back to the hotel via a restaurant for sustenance. 

Now to check in for tomorrow night's flight although we do have almost all the day in Singapore.
NB: Minor organisation error on my part...flight home is one day later than was in my head! Not home until Tuesday morning so another day in Singapore - such hardship!!

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