Snowy Bokeh

An unexpected blip!

I intended to blip my extra...which is better (I know the extra is in focus and this is not)...

So my Dad came this morning and has decided it is too difficult and lengthy to take all the tiles off and has told me to get a quote.

I am getting cabin fever but it is so icy and slippery out, I'm quite nervous....though I did go out and started the car, then warmed it up so the 7cm of snow on it was easy to remove.   It took a good while and actually my finger tips are very cold and sore still an hour later.

I might try to drive out tomorrow - I need a few things from the shop.

Instead I've caught up on Silent Witness, a nasty story this time...and done little else.

Stir fry turkey mince and veg for dinner from the freezer.  Then watching Casualty later.

Happy Saturday folks :)

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