Truly Blippin' Marvelous

By JohnEdward

Bald eagle

taking flight .

       I've had a very silly morning. I was all fired up to go catch some sled dog races up at Sunrise Park ski resort. No sign of any dog races when I got up there. I itched my curiosity and drove to the bottom of Cyclone mountain. The Cyclone lift has no cables/chairs but Fort Apache lift 4 was running. There would have been no way to reach my favourite runs. How many years since I was last able to ski? Nope, I don't miss it.

       As consolation I saw the bighorn sheep (extra) on the way back down the mountain. I went shopping and picked up some packages from the P.O. for Kathy, and on the way home spotted this bald eagle in the nieghbourhood and managed a snap as he flew off. He's ringed.

       Oh, the winter games are next  week-end.

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