St.John The Baptist

Oh what a sore head I had this morning. Arrived home just before 2am after yesterday's retirement do down town, a colleague I've known for 25 years. There were about 20 of us taking refreshments before and after a decent meal accompanied by many great stories and much laughter. The evening nearly took an interesting turn when ex RAF and ex Royal Navy compatriots took to the floor for some leg wrestling. Fortunately, I'd say, the bar staff broke it up before they properly set to each other!!

Me and Mrs k dropped D off at her boyfriend's this afternoon and we went on to take Millie pups on a very nice walk through Ridge Wood, along the River Frome and onto Chipping Sodbury high street. An extra gives a different perspective on the church and, I have to show you, a second extra confirming a first for me. We went into one of the local cafes and I had nothing other than a beetroot latte. It was advertised as earthy and I can vouch that it was, especially the last mouthful. The flavour was pretty good though.  

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