By rat

snowdrops in the snow

Yesterday's run was interesting as it started snowing about an hour beforehand and continued steadily all the way through. Running in the woods with a headtorch always makes me feell as if I'm in a very small world and this time it was like being in a bubble and completely disorientating.
For the 1st 2 miles I had some people ahead but they missed a left turn, I started after them but realised there weren't many footprints so turned round and went the right way - and the guy behind had seen the marker (the ones who went wrong got back shortly after me).
Then went back to my friends' for a fish supper. 
I'd had a cold threatening all week but it didn't seem to be doing much except turn into a stuffy nose so when I woke this morning to another lovely day I decided to do parkrun. It was probably a mistake as the cold has been worse but it was so beautiful out there and I went quite slowly.
It was great running in the snow as it wasn't slippery and on teh grass it creaked underfoot.
After the cafe I returned home and spent much of the afternoon on my cross-stitch.

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