2011 photo resolution

By karenanya

Fresh bread rolls

It was very cold overnight but we decided it was OK to drive down to the gym. The side roads were very icy. Did my usual classes but didn't run back this time as the pavements were treacherous. 

Husband made these lovely bread rolls in the bread maker. These are knotted ones and always taste delicious. 

We headed off to Basingstoke to go and see Nish Kumar early evening. The snow got much worse as we got closer to Basingstoke. There were abandoned cars at the side of some of the roads or in the central reservation. The snow also seemed to have brought down lots of trees and large branches. The carpark we usually go into was closed so we had to negotiate a few extra snowy roundabouts. 

The show was really good. He explored the mess that is Brexit, racism and lots of other issues. It was very clever stuff. 

Luckily the roads had not iced over too badly so the journey home was OK (apart from hitting a huge piece of ice on a dark patch of road). Headed off to bed leaving the boys to pizza and TV. 

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