Mono Monday - Tension

For the past week Toto has been convinced that there is a rat on the rooftop garden! We have had this problem once before and the symptoms are the same. He cannot think of anything except getting out into the garden and checking every corner thoroughly!! It doesn’t matter what gets in his way he just pushes through. Plants have been broken and he doesn’t listen to what I say when he’s in this heightened state of tension!!

Tonight after dinner I found him sitting and staring up at my desk. Earlier I had found a broken piece wood with a sharp end and I had put it on my desk thinking i would throw it away. It was right on the edge and at that moment you could have cut the tension with a knife, Toto was convinced the bit of wood was the RAT!!!!

Hahaha I wanted to get a photo of him staring at it but of course he moved away from the camera and wouldn’t sit down again so we only have the photo of the Fake Rat!!

When i eventually showed it to him up close he couldnt believe that it was an inanimate object, after much sniffing and then looking dejected he moved away to start again checking out the whole place, fully determined to find the REAL RAT!!! It was pretty funny ;o)

Thanks to Laurie 54 for such a thrilling challenge!! :o)xxx

In extras, for your delight is one of many of the lovely night blooming cactus flowers which have opened tonight! :o)

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