By gfm

Getting Better

Flu came and got us last week. I'm not sure if it's what the Bear had, but it's certainly possible. The Bug held up very well indeed, and despite having a high temperature, and complaining of headaches, he was a trooper. N and I were hit hard, and it was pretty desperate both being like that, while looking after small unwell people.

I'm just left with a sinus infection and an irritating cough. And I seem to have had the sweats for three nights running now. I feel an awful lot better than I did during the week though. It was not pretty.

I actually felt like cooking again tonight, despite my shambolic taste buds. Lamb steaks, patatas bravado, and roast veg. But I (unusually for me) messed up my timing, so patatas bravas will be my lunch this week.

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