Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

Art inspired by nature, hail smiling morn!

Early morning sunlight, followed by my version of rosy sunrise filtering through trees in the extra. All before Keith got up! Minus 11, snow no longer falling, almost still. So different to the weekend weather!
This line from the song ran through my head - "Whose rosy fingers ope' the gates of heaven!" . You can listen here if you feel like some rousing singing from Hathersage!

Yoga happened this morning, as did late breakfast.
Snow was shifted, some with a tractor and some by hand.
Shopping was needed so we drove out of our nicely cleared drive.

And slid off the road, going very slowly as we pulled out of the drive.
As we were in the middle of the village, help was at hand.
The post lady made valiant efforts that didn't work.
Hasse and Gunnar helped, but it took buckets of grit and an older woman's help and advice (second gear, less gas) to get us back on the road. I drove the round trip and we took it slowly.
The home helps had been in the ditch several times over the weekend. 
Just 3 times in 30 odd years for us, so this event will be recorded in Keith's blip!

We have just completed admin Monday and have cleared the decks of little jobs that needed sorting. And started on the book-keeping for my little company, which is not a little job at all. It's a big one composed of many little ones, and now some of the groundwork is done.  

This morning I chatted with our friend Lis on Facebook, and we 3 are now planning to take a trip together to Canada at some point later in the year, or possibly next year. Her daughter, also our Goddaughter, lives there with her partner. After her September wedding in Tuscany we will be able to get cracking. That was an unexpected bit of positive! 

Today I'm grateful for:
Nature's inspiration
Helpful neighbours
Exciting travel plans

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