hello again

By admirer


With the theme tension. With huge thanks to laurie54 for hosting.
At first my thought was, I can't imagine what kind of photo I can take with this theme, and almost forgot about it.
However, when we drove to Beverungen the afternoon to go to the supermarket, and stood at the shore of the river Weser there, I saw the ducks and the coots in the water.
And suddenly something disturbed the coots and they started to run over the water, flying from where they had been. Lots of tension developped before my eyes.
I show another photo of the coots in the extras.
Since weeks I have had trouble with my memorycard, and today arrived a new one, but I had not placed in my camera. When a swan flew over our heads, I was thrilled to take three photos, and disappointed when none had materialized on my card. But hopefully this belongs to the past from tomorrow.

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