Border Tails

By Swannie

On a hot spot!

Hello blippers, how have you been? I’ll bet you’ve been missing my wee face. It’s all very well for you to see birds and sunrises, but I’m sure you’ve all been missing me.

Swannie’s mum came down to see me today. I did purr for her, but she’s got some funny ideas! She thinks that cats should not be on the worktops, but that’s where I often find a wee tasty bite! She is also a bit keen on putting the plates in the dishwasher before I’ve had my shot at giving them a quick clean with my tongue!

Today’s blip is me lying on the kitchen floor, it’s one of my favourite places to lie, but only because there’s a heating pipe running directly underneath me. Hope you are all managing to keep warm in this cold weather. Lots of love, JJ, xx

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