Life in Canada

By MissMacPic

That Look

I know that I have blipped a female Northern Cardinal a short time ago but when I saw this little lady posing so pretty in that evening could I not blip her?

Crazy old day today.  Short staffed and no supplies, so I worked through my lunch to cover our students.  The positive side, I did get to leave a wee bit early from work allowing me to spend more time in the woods and it actually felt like Spring outside!!  Got my steps in, some Vitamin D, and fresh air.  I did not look for the owl or the bucks as the place was swarming with people who were also enjoying the change in weather.

Somewhat a little disturbing, was coming across several piles of corn.  I know that people mean well, but feeding deer corn can actually kill them.  I hope it was a 'one-off' or it can be a real problem in the area  :(

Thank you to everyone for appreciating my Barred Owl blips. I am overwhelmed with the response!

Take care...and have a great rest of the week!

D x

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