Lower Orchard and Marsh

Another day with Victoria where I spent some of the time catching up with sorting photographs on my computer as well as writing letters and emails.
Although BT have now solved our broadband problem, they have also sent me a bill for the “engineers” visit on 22 January 2019; he, with the help of another colleague found one fault that day on their equipment. Another “engineer” visited on the 29 January 2019 and found three more faults, again on their equipment. I emailed Premier Kitchens and Bedrooms last week with photographs of the sink and draining board, which is covered in brown spots. The marks were reported when the kitchen fitter, Steve, fitted the last two doors. No reply from them yet, so no doubt I have to start complaining by telephone again to BT and Premier Kitchens.
Today’s picture was taken of our lower orchard and garden, with the marsh in the background, which, this morning was cut making it look very neat and possibly easier to see the deer and other wildlife. Hopefully the wildflowers will come up again this year.

The weather had been mostly dry and eight degrees Celsius at noon although it did not seem that warm; it was windy in the afternoon.

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