By davidc

Wide Wednesday: Tradition

What could be more traditional than a British pub?

This is the pub to which our camera club is considering moving (see my blip on Monday). It's the Duke of Wellington (a nice traditional name too!) in the Gosforth/Kenton area of Newcastle. We went back there for another recce today, and with a bit of gentle persuasion the manager was prepared to allow us a bit of storage space for items of equipment (the loss of storage space is the reason we're considering moving from our current venue). So we're going to recommend it to the club committee.

(It'll be less convenient for me - I'll have to drive there rather than walk - but I think it'll be better for the club. Perversely it's just round the corner from where we lived for 3 years in the early 1980s! Also perversely I understand that the club used to meet there before I was a member, but they fell out with the management when they were double-booked and had a meeting cancelled at zero notice: the management has changed now, thankfully!)

Our visit there seemed an ideal opportunity to grab my WidWed blip with the fisheye lens.

Thanks again to steveng for holding the WidWed fort while Bobsblips is away.

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