By BernardYoung

Poetry Shop Closing Down: All Stock Must Go

Haiku – in a bin
at the bottom of the aisle
next to the sonnets.

Sonnets have been around for a long time.
Shakespeare wrote loads. You’ll find most poets try
their hand at them. Is it a form you’d buy?
They’re not too long. Fourteen lines with some rhyme.
What’s not to like? We’ve got some incomplete
ones on offer at a fraction of the
recommended retail price. Why not see
if there’s anything you fancy and treat
yourself to one that you can finish off…

Limericks have had their day
It’s clear they’ve got nothing to say
Some find them rude
Vulgar and crude
They’re free if you’ll take them away

Free verse is draped all over the shop.
Although it’s free
there is a modest charge
for each clump of words.

are down aisle five.
You can hear them counting
their syllables. Eight in this line.
Buy two?

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