My second blip-year

By Silverace

Smarter than you would think

‘Can I have a sandwich with chocolate sprinkles on peanut butter*?’
‘No, you have to have a savoury sandwich first, and then you can have either one, but not sprinkles on peanut butter.’
Thinks for a while...
‘Can I make my own sandwich?’
‘Of course, be my guest, but stick to the agreement we made.’

The top is liver pâté, that she ate first. Bottom left is chocolate sprinkles, bottom right is peanut butter.
‘Dad, I didn’t put sprinkles on top of the peanut butter when I prepared my sandwich.’
‘I see that, excellent.’
‘Can I fold them together before I eat them?’
‘Well, ehhm, I guess so.’
‘Nanananaaaana, I am smarter than you, because I still have sprinkles on butter.’

She has just turned five...

*=chocolate sprinkles on peanut butter on a sandwich is a family tradition and quite well known in our region. But it contains a lot of calories and processed sugar. Our kids can have it on special occasions only. Try it for yourself, it’s marvelous!

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