"I'll Sing You Five O"

I had my hair sorted this morning so my daughter, granddog, Ollie dog and I didn't have so much time for our Wednesday dogwalk. We thoroughly enjoyed it all the same. As we approached the pond we saw a group of men amongst the reeds. It made me think of the BBC birdwatching ident. We had a chat with them, they'd been cutting the reeds with a scythe and had disturbed a trio of snipe which they said were flying around the area. Seeing my camera, one said, "You'll have trouble photographing them." I told them that I'd like to have a go but was aware that they're difficult to 'shoot' - that's how the term sniper arose.

It was quite mild today and the birds were singing their spring songs. I photographed a song thrush and blue tit in full song early this morning and a blackbird late this afternoon. Two foxes were in disused glasshouse thirteen. I saw one disappearing into the scrub. The other sat and stared at me for a few moments.  

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