Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

The best bit?

This might have been the best bit of the day, breaking trail on the big lake,in the sunshine. It was really chilly but soooo beautiful. 
Or the best bit might have been doing some collage work at the kitchen table inthe sunshine, with a cup of herbal tea.
Or maybe spending an hour doing yoga and stretching exercises with Keith.
Or perhaps the kefir and blueberries with home-made granola for breakfast was the best bit?
or Keith buying himself a proper yoga mat, obviously getting serious.
Or eating baked salmon and grilled vegetables for dinner with Rose?
Or enjoying nearly 2 hours of a fabulous film called Colette, with the talented Keira Knightly in the main role?
Or spending some time with Ruth over a tea-cake?
Getting to the supermarket two minutes before they closed and being let in to buy milk and bread was pretty good too!
As was driving home in prettily falling thick snow...

So many good choices! 

Today I'm grateful for all of the above, 
and for glasses that make my eyes able to see tiny details when being creative.
and for my 38th Swedish winter, a constant source of joy.
and for my enthusiastic, tolerant and scrupulously supportive husband.

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