Red Flash

By RedFlash

Always good for a blip

All blippers know tulips always make a good blip. These are five days old and they are only just opening.

I’ve had lots of advise from people about how best to look after tulips. Not drowning them is one.

What’s makes these tulips extra special is that they are in the vase that HtP bought me for my birthday. You can see the base in the extra. It’s very special as it’s the same type of vase that I admired at a friend’s house and he managed to find one on Etsy. The glass is Finnish and not available in the UK.

THe vase is a lovely addition to the kitchen.

There were five guys working on the conservatory. It’s now water tight. There is one small thing to do and it’s fjnished. It looks so much better than the last one.

There is a humidifier in there drying out the parts that got wet. I now need to paint some bits of the wall that were damaged, paint the new windowsill, have the floor laid and put in the skirting boards. It will then be finished. So that will take a bit of time. I will Blip it when it’s looking nice.

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