Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

The Milky Way at Redhead

I hunted around for a blip after I managed to evict the hairdresser and my ex work colleague after we had our haircuts and tidy ups this evening.   They both come to my place and Cheryl - the hairdresser - was in for a right old chat tonight.  She is very hard to stop when she gets going.  By then it was after sunset and there was nothing much happening.  Even the hounds were not interested in posing for a blip.  I noticed last night when I was coming home how it was a moonless night sky and so it was off to Redhead to have a crack at the Milky way.   All went well except for that stupid photographer whose shadow got in the way.

Nighty night blipmates, it is after 11pm (I don't know where these days are going) - apologies for lack of comments and if I am lucky I might get to catch up tomorrow or on the weekend.

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