By deanna_pearce

Abstract Thursday

A quiet morning and about 11.30 we  left to got to Wotton to pick up KG's denture.  Having left plenty of time we didn't need it so called into Tesco to pick up a couple of things I forgot on Tuesday and ended up with about 12 !!!  Quick visit to Aldi and I picked up some Disney Princess fat quarters - (never know when they will be useful) then on the Anchor at Morton to meet up with our friends for a meal-  They were very supportive when KG had his heart attack and it was the first time we had got together since.  We got home just before 4 and settled to watch tipping point and The Chase Etc.  
Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting the Abstract Challenge - I have not given my abstract a name and will leave it to you to guess  - I feel it is quite easy but then I know the answer.
Lovely sunshiny morning but obviously some heavy showers while we were in the pub

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