By grahamism

Tapes n Tapes

I always end up trying to archive away old stuff at this time of year, it's nice to have time to plough through your own mess - happy as a pig in s***. :)

Best not to overdo it though, or you just live in the past. The whole point is to show how it IS in the past, and very different from now.

So I bought the best tape decks I could find from the local pawn shop (the best sounding was the cheaper one, at all of a tenner), so that I can dump it all into my field recorder at the top there.

I'm short of a few cables, so I'm trying not to just listen to my mixture of techno and country blues tapes that only I would get, but I thought it was fun enough to take a pic of anyway. There's something livelier about listening to an analogue source compared to a digital one, even if it is duff quality.

Anyone who remembers feeling absolutely compelled to press eject on every tape deck in a hifi shop... auto-reverse being a good idea.. the con that was high-speed dubbing.. real tape counters... dolby b/c/hx pro.. dc bias adjustments.. the effect that the metal used in tapes had on the frequency response... should all ask Santa for "This Is Your Brain On Music", it's a great book.

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