Santa Maria della Salute

Iconic on the Grand Canal, lit by floodlights  on a gloriously clear evening here in Venice tonight, Santa Maria Della Salute in all it's glory. 

Standing on the terrace of the Hotel Danieli with tripod, I was watched fascinated by the diners  in the restaurant. Good job they didn't hear me talking to myself as I sorted the camera settings :) 

Remembering having a fab time with Draco and her MIL here not so long ago and really hope Draco's Dad is getting the getting now of his op! 

Remembering too the restaurant quest Debbi kindly sent us on last time we were here  where we walked for miles but never found it grr..... 

We have had a long day and hitting the sack ready to tackle tomorrow. Having not been able to cancel we are both of the opinion that we might as well be ill here than in our own house and it has been just what the doctor ordered. May the sun shine tomorrow.

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